Traditional Western Herbalism

Traditional herbal medicine has always been the most readily available medicine of the people. Phamaceuticals have only been available for us for about 100 years. Until a few generations ago, most parents or grandparents knew home remedies and were able to treat common ailments without the aid of a medical doctor. As an Herbalist in our modern world, it is my calling to educate people on this lost knowledge and support them on a deeper level that modern medicine is failing to do. My intention is to educate, support, and serve as a holistic health advisor. Identifying the underlying root cause of illness and creating a personalized plan for optimal balance.

Build your health care team by adding an Herbalist. Herbs can offer you a wide range of safe and effective therapeutic qualities that can support everyone. Becoming an essential part of your own health care program and thus, creating a better quality of life.



Custom herbal formulations

Personalized wellness plan

Education and guidance for use of organic and therapeutic grade; herbs, essential oils, foods and supplements

Health advocate/ Liaison for other therapies and doctors visits &/or referral services to expert practitioners

Private training for yoga, meditation, earthing, and other mindfulness practices

All–Natural home/ Clean routine overhaul- a holistic transformation of your home


What to expect

Initial Consultation (1 hour) & Orientation (30 mins): $150

Working with an Herbalist is a wonderful way to empower your healing journey and recieve professional guidance and support for natural health. A 60 minute initial consultation is recommended for all new clients. This visit looks at your total health history and health goals. A complete and thorough review of symptom patterns, lifestyle, nutrition, medications, as well as supplements your are currently taking. Will also explore any emotional/ mental/ spiritual health patterns related to your wellness goals.

In these visits, we will cover Paige’s insights into physiological and energetic patterns associated and will offer recommendations of herbal remedies, foods, and supplements that will support the body and spirit into creating optimal balance.

The cost of herbs and any additional applications are not included in the session price and generally range from $20-$50. Paige is happy to work with you to come up with an herbal protocol that works with your monthly budget.

In general, it is recommended to schedule a follow-up visit two-weeks after you begin taking your herbal formula/s. The continuation of care is the key to success in your healing journey. Your follow-up visits will allow you to check in regardless your progress, allowing space for modifications/ further guidance to your wellness plan/formula(s), and will give you an opportunity to reflect on your healing journey.

Follow-ups & Additional Sessions(30-45mins): $80

The number of follow-up visits will vary depending on your individual health goals. For general wellness, two to three visits are recommended. For chronic and more complicated health concerns, more visits may be necessary.

In these visits, we will discuss your experiences with your initial recommendations. During the follow-up visits we may decide to modify your dosage, formula components, and will coach you through the next stage of recommendations including; herbal remedies, foods, and supplements, and lifestyle practices.

It is recommended that clients are seen at least once within the first month of initial appointment. Most clients will need to stay on a formula for 3-6 months depending on the nature of the imbalance and their specific health goals. Our goal is to ease off your herbal formulas and let the natural healing power of the body take the reins!

The cost of herbs and any additional applications are not included in the session price and generally range from $20-$50. Paige is happy to work with you to come up with an herbal protocol that works with your monthly budget.

Check in- (30 Min): $50

This visit is for existing clients that need a quick check-in for acute conditions, such as colds/flu. These appointments are also available for those wanting a specific herb or herbal formula. 30 min check-ins can be done via phone or in person.