Traditional Western Herbalism

Traditional herbal medicine has always been the most readily available medicine of the people. Until a few generations ago, most parents or grandparents knew home remedies and were able to treat common ailments without the aid of a medical doctor. As an Herbalist in our modern world, it is my calling to bring people back to nature and shift the perspective of modern medicine. Today, very few people don’t know much about herbs and what they do know is information from unreputable resources and the hype of media. My intention is to educate, support, and serve as a holistic health advocate. Identifying the underlying cause of illness and creating a path with the highest potential for healing and optimal balance. Individual plants, working on the root cause of illness, taking a holistic approach and redefining our perspective of “health”.

Build your health care team by adding an Herbalist. Herbs can offer you a wide range of safe and effective therapeutic agents that should be an essential part of your own health care program.

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Services + What to expect

In deciding to explore Herbalism for various reasons, such as; illness, injury, or as a support to a healthier lifestyle, there are a few things that we will accomplish. We will go through a full health consultation, including health background, individual needs, goals. For us to get to the origin of dis-ease we must look at the whole body.

From the consultation I will be directed to an individualized plan to fit each clients needs. This will include things such as; custom herbal formulations, other various healing arts, nutrition, lifestyle, movement, etc. Allowing us to set intentions in order to reach specific goals!

Education is also a large component of my practice. Allowing time to learn gives us the power to do better for ourselves and loved ones. My intention is to efficiently create a wellness plan, custom herbal formulations, teach, and support each client towards healing!

Services include

  • Assessments and creation of personalized wellness plan to assist in achieving optimal balance

  • Assess, education and guidance for use of organic and therapeutic grade; herbs, essential oils, foods and supplements

  • Custom herbal formulations for specific needs, made from organic and sustainably harvested therapeutic-grade herbs

  • Health advocate/ Liaison for collaboration of other therapies and doctors visits

    • Referral services also included- access to expert practitioners locally and regionally.

  • Private training for yoga, meditation, earthing, and other mindfulness practices*

  • House Calls – if traveling is not comfortable, I can come to you*

  • Detox your home– a holistic perspective on your home*


Initial Consultation & Follow-up : $125

Follow-ups & Additional Sessions: $40 each

Full Guidance Package: $460 (12 sessions, 6 months)

*indicates hourly rate of $50