Prana is the life-energy that flows through your mind, body, and spirit, creating feelings and experiences!


About me

Hi my name is Paige, I am a Master Herbalist, trained through Traditions School of Herbal Studies in St. Petersburg, FL. During sessions various healing modalities include education and use of; natural remedies and plant medicine, essential oils, holistic nutrition, vitamins and minerals, acupressure, ear seeds, chemical free home and beauty products, intentional living practices, and more. Since graduating from University of North Florida with a Health Science degree, I worked closely with Chiropractors and Physical Therapists and now bring alot of this training into my evaluation and approach to care. As an Herbalist, together we strive to create a holistic health protocol personalized to each clients needs, addressing the root cause of dis-ease in order to find optimal balance. I am available by appointment and teach various herbalism classes at Wild Ginger Apothecary in Gulf Gate Village in Sarasota, FL. My mission is to guide clients through their health journey by creating a safe and effective plan of care. Taking the time to educate clients on the most efficient way to reaching their health goals.